Step 1


Step 2

Get down on your knees and hold your driver behind you in the crook of your elbows, as shown. Now turn your shoulders and upper body to the right as far as you can, simulating a backswing. Let your left hip move to the right as you turn. Obviously your knees cannot move because they are on the ground, so this helps you experience the feeling of a good turn while the legs resist.

Step 3



Now stand up and repeat the movement, this time with a club in your hands. Let your left knee move inwards a little, and again let your left hip turn in behind the ball. The feeling should be of turning your body as far as you can, while resisting with the legs. That is the essence of good pivot and will result in swing that generates much more power and improved balance. If you are not flexible you will need to let your left knee go further and your left heel come off the ground in order to complete your pivot. Compare that position with the fault exhibited by lots of club golfers - a sloppy leg action where the knees and hips slide all over the place, with balance and power suffering as a result.
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