Step 1


Step 2

Stand naturally and let your left arm hang down. Your left palm will turn inwards. Without changing the rotation of your left arm, feed the club into your hand and form your grip. Your thumb should sit marginally to the right of centre. Anyone standing opposite you would see the logo on your glove.

Step 3


Step 4

Now place your right hand on the club, so that the palm is facing the target in agreement with the aim of the clubface. This produces a slightly strong grip, the 'V' formed by thumb and forefinger pointing towards your shoulder. This grip helps you to deliver the clubface square to the target at impact.

Step 5

It also means you can release the club properly through the ball-confirmed here by the toe pointing to the sky when the shaft is horizontal. You would need to be exceptionally strong to make this happen with a weak left-hand grip.    
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